In Our Own Words

Learning about Chili studios with Bob Malpiedi: "Fundamentally, it is about values of respect, empathy, mutual understanding and fun."

Host nation: It's really about trying to make meaningful connections between two people

Big River bakery: We only learn by doing. Don’t be afraid to fail. We have failed on loads of different things; failure, we shouldn’t even say that word, is learning. And don’t be frightened to learn and take a risk.

Shieldfield art works (saw): Everybody that comes in is valued by their uniqueness and valued as the person they are. Anybody no matter what cultural background, faith and economic status, no matter who comes through the door, is treated the same. Those people who come in are held in that unity, I would call that solidarity.

Star and Shadow Cinema: Star and Shadow Cinema is a volunteer-run DIY space. The building is run and programmed by its audiences.

Dwellbeing: Dwellbeing Shieldfield is a community benefit society and cooperative of Shieldfield residents

Shieldfield Forum Community Café: As a team of volunteers we are a very small, but we have found our own way … and gradually built ourselves up step by step.

Newcastle Food Cooperative: There are lots of people who are doing cool things who all share these values and they work hard on their individual projects, but they don’t often step back and get a view of the broader landscape. The knowledge across the map is an asset.

The Lockdown Gazette: A newspaper for the digitally excluded of Newcastle and Gateshead. A collective effort from the For Solidarity Network in response to exceptional circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to everyone who contributed and to Roots and Wings for pulling it all together.

ReCoCo – Recovery College Collective: It’s not all that difficult, it’s about a basic human need: people want somewhere to go, something to do and some people to do it with.