We’re creating a map of everything that helps people to meet their material and social needs in ways that don’t harm people or the planet.

Explore the map, connect with others and help to build a more just and sustainable world.

The solidarity economy is an economy that serves everyone and the planet.

We want to show that a solidarity economy already exists and it is thriving in our region. The North East is alive with organisations, projects, and initiatives who are offering an alternative to the extractive and oppressive mainstream economic system.

This map, like others around the world, will connect communities, strengthen initiatives and make their work more visible so that more people can be part of this movement for change.

Get on the map. Share information about your initiative with us by completing this short survey.

In our own words

Learning about Chili studios with Bob Malpiedi: “Fundamentally, it is about values of respect, empathy, mutual understanding and fun.”

Host nation: It’s really about trying to make meaningful connections between two people

Big River bakery: We only learn by doing. Don’t be afraid to fail. We have failed on loads of different things; failure, we shouldn’t even say that word, is learning. And don’t be frightened to learn and take a risk.